Saturday, November 24, 2012

The 7 habits of highly effective people Habit 6 ( Synergize ) The Avengers 2012

In this chapter, the author introduces synergy. This is the essence of principle centered leadership. It is the management tool to organize all great people with special skills. The leader usually has to leave the comfort zone and write up the road map for the followers. A successful leader can respect the others, create motivation and to compensate for weaknesses. This would sum up the technique of habit 4 win win and habit 5 understand. 

In this summer, a big hit movie “The Avengers 2012” is released. 7 great marvel heroes are fighting against a supervillian Loki. 7 great heroes are Iron Man, Thor, Captain American, Black Widow, Nick Fury, Hulk and Hawkeye. They team up as avengers. It is designed by the director of SHIELD. In the beginning of the movie, 7 of them do not know each other. They all have special talent. However, lacking in communication which can brings out misunderstanding. 

They are all suspecting each other. As a result, Loki can find out this weakness and using Hawkeye as a spy to fight against them one by one. Captain American has a leadership skill, he can empower the team members and compensate the weakness. Separate their skill and in suitable position and respect each other. Respect is the first step to know each other basic theory.

In a large organization, once a new mission is released, a project leader should arrive to each department and explain in detail. Usually, different department will be engine, IT, shipping, account, legal and marketing. In order to understand each other, a brainstorm meeting is very important. It can raise out questions and concerns from each department. The project leader should carry out habit 4 and 5, compromise each department and respect each other. Then they can trust each other and can co-operate each other. The writer indicates that synergy means that 1+1 may equal 8,16 or even 1,600.

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