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The 7 habits of highly effective people Habit 7 ( Sharpen The Saw ) Richard Branson

In the final chapter of 7 habits, the author indicates that we should sharpen the saw in the cycle of renewal 4 dimensions. It comes towards to Physical, Social / Emotional, Spiritual and Mental. This is the healthy balanced life around 4 values. The physical dimension involves caring effectively for physical body, eating the right food, getting sufficient rest and relaxation, exercising on a regular basis. The spiritual dimension provides leadership to your life. Clarify your mission statement, mark out the final destination. Collaborate with you team mate and achieve the public victory. The mental dimension provides the guideline of the successful mentor in the every category. We should follow their path and read their novels. Study their discipline and repeat the same ways into our habits. Share the experience and insights on blog or novels to express your advice. The social / emotional dimension is more focusing on develop and manifest in our relationships with others.

Richard Branson is a successful entrepreneur in several industries. He started his first record shop in 1971 in London. He was the first businessman to introduce the trial listening for the new album. Nowadays, Virgin shops have a wide selection of CDs, games, books, DVDs, magazines, portable media players, board games etc.

He formed Virgin Atlantic in 1984. In 1993, he entered the railway business. In 2009, he started the Virgin Media business. In 2012, Virgin became the sponsor of London Marathon. According to his principle of recruitment, he encourages the boss to recruit with conviction. Virgin Group supports the youth culture and he believes that giving people opportunities can collect creative, innovative, independent and open minded. In the current situation, people with conviction are difficult to find a job. He encourage the employer get rid of prejudice concept. He strongly believes that win-win situation can bring the talent together.

Richard Branson and Virgin employees created Virgin Unite. This is an independent charitable arm of Virgin Group. Virgin Unite has created a branding scheme based around the idea of redemption to encourage Virgin company employees to donate their time, rather than their money. The campaign focuses on South African charities and targets vulnerable young women between ages 15 and 24. The primary aims of the foundation are to make sustainable change through economic development towards tough social and environmental issues. These include addressing the issue of delivering healthcare to rural parts of Africa. Branson and Virgin underwrite all the operating costs of the organization, so 100% of contributions can be applied towards causes.
URL: http://www.virginunite.com/

Virgin Unite

In his documents, books and interview, we can fully understand Richard Branson can complete the renewal 4 dimensions. Since he jumps from one industry to another step by step, this kind of successfully path is came from the upward spiral. This is the process that empowers all the leaders to move on a growth and change, continuous improvement path. Learn, commit and do and repeat once again. Connect with all 7 habits, you can be the highly effective people very soon. 

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