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The 7 habits of highly effective people Habit 5 ( Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood ) Stan Lee & Spiderman

In this Chapter, the author would like to introduce a way to communicate people successfully. In order to express our feelings among the others, we need to carry out empathic listening from the public. We need to downgrade ourselves to listen to the public first. For instance, a father would like to talk to his son, he needs to downgrade as a kid and listen to his son’s voice. Then the father can express his own way. It works for friendship, marriage, families and companies. For a salesman, he would like to sell insurance to his client, he needs to get inside his client’s situation, listening to his story. Then he would put his life in the client’s shoes. Then the salesman can analysis deeply the client’s situation. Finally, he can provide suitable insurance packages to everyone.

Eye contact with your friends, clients or students is very important. However, you still need to focus on body language and sound. Deep communication will consider all those factors. In fact, you can read someone’s mind and soul in this way.

Stan Lee, the creator of Spiderman and lots of comic heroes in Marvel comic books. He creates Spiderman as normal teenager in the world. He collects all the problems about teenager level such as, money, families, love life, college etc. Then he put those problems into the story line in the action comic book The Amazing Spiderman. He doesn’t want to create another super hero such as X Men, the Fantastic Four and Captain American etc. He would like all the readers and imagine they can be Spiderman. Since all the characters in the Spiderman comic books are coming from real lives and situation. Such as Mary Jane, Peter Parker, Aunt May, Uncle Ben and the staffs in Daily Bugle etc. The readers can easy find those people in the living situation. 

The characters are facing the problems which are exactly from the real life. Stan Lee listens and read all the problems from the teenagers. Then he put all those story lines in the comic books to the readers. Stan Lee listens from the public and writes up the Spiderman story. He draws the pictures to communicate with the readers. Now, the comic books series are releasing on the big screens such as, X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Captain American, Thor, Iron Man, Spiderman and the Avengers.
The author share some tips about the way to carry out empathic listening. First, try to understand and write down the point of view from the person. Then share the story for someone close to you to collect feedbacks. Read those persons and your friends’ eye contact, body language etc. Downgrade yourself as the same level to the speakers. Base on your reference and carry out your speech or other communication method. 


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