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The 7 habits of highly effective people Part 3 ( Paradigms of interdependence ) The Descendants

In this chapter, the author introduces the way to proceed public victory. This is the way to communicate with your family members and colleagues. Building up a good relationship can help you to step forward into public victory. Imagine there is an emotional bank account between you and your surrounding friends and family members. If you deposit the courtesy, kindness and honesty, you are increasing your personal integrity level. If you deposit the discourtesy, disrespect and overreacting, your personal trust level will be very low. Thus you are deteriorating your marriage, business and your life. 


I share the movie story of “The Descendants”. This is an American movie about a family guy who based in Hawaii. Matt King ( George Clooney ) has a family with 2 daughters 10 years old Scottie and 17 years old Alex. Matt King is not very close to his daughters and he is acting as the “back up parent”. Until one day, his wife Elizabeth in a coma after the boat accident. He is forced to confront Scottie’s inappropriate behavior and Alex’s destructive behaviors. 

In the mean time, he finds out Elizabeth will not recover and she was having an affair. Matt confronts the disconnection of his wife and he is trying to figure a way to repair the relationship with his family members. The author indicates 6 major deposits to build up the emotional bank account.

Understanding the individual
If you want to enter the industry, company or your kid’s life, you really need to fully understand the individual. You really need to spend time to be with these persons in order to fully understand the individuals in the industry, company and family. 

Attending to the little things
Once you can understand a person, you need to observe the personality in deep towards a tiny matter. Building up an emotional bank is a long term relationship. Thus you need to show your love, kindnesses, courtesies within a tiny matter. 

Keeping commitments
Building trust and integrity will drive from keeping a commitment. No matter to your senior staff, clients or family members. Once you cannot commit your promise, the others won’t build their hopes around your next promises. 

Clarifying expectations
Before you make a commitment, you need to clarify the expectations. Different individuals will help different expectations. Before, you invest your time and effort; you need to have a clear expectation from different individuals. 

Showing personal integrity

Nobody would like to enter a field with a group of people whom are sweet talk to your face and bad mouth your back. Integrity is keeping a promise to form a trust bridge among the group. If you showing your 2 faces ability. Sooner or later, you will break your integrity level in your friends, family members and colleagues.  

Apologizing sincerely when you make a withdrawal
Once you make a mistake, if you can make a sincere apology immediately, you will repair your mistake.
Fully utilize the P / PC balance, you will collect the successful paths in your personal life. This can help you to communicate with your family, industry and business. Thus help you to develop your own career path in your personal life.


George Clooney Delivers in 'TheDescendants'  


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