Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winning (Chapter 18) Hard Spots - Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister of United Kingdom

Every industry, office room or working area, you should find a bad boss. You can find out plenty of rumors and complaint in the forum group about the bad boss in his / her working area. Obviously, a bad boss can kill part of our soul, positive energy, commitment and hope. If you feel sorry for yourself in this way, please quit this kind of thoughts. Jack Welch builds up a chart to indicate the leaders according to their results.

Type 1:
Good values / Good performance
Type 2:
Bad values / Bad performance
Type 3:
Good values / Bad performance
Type 4:
Bad values / Good performance

Most company CEO or senior mangers would like to hire type 1 leaders. The type 2 & type 4 leaders would be faded out very soon. The senior level should spend time to coach type 3 leaders to improve the performance.

According to the book of “The End of The Party” by Andrew Rawnsley, several staffs in Downing Street No 10 have physically attacked by the former Prime Minister Gordon Brown.  
  • Hit a senior aide who got in the way as he rushed to a reception at No10.
  • Physically pulled a secretary out of her chair as he dictated a memo to her.
  • Hurled foul-mouthed abuse at two aides in his hotel room in America in a state of semi-undress after reports that he had been snubbed by President Obama.

Althrough he denied those claims, one female officer reports to the news reporter that he is not easy to work for. Other rumors about this Prime Minister are similar the same. No one likes to work with a boss which has bad temper and physical violence. Many people would likes the prestige of working in the high performing division, but they hated his day to day nastiness. As a result, bad reputation is generated very quickly between the election period.

“The Devil wears Prada” is a 2006 comedy drama film. Anne Hathaway stars as Andy Sachs, a fresh graduated student who goes to New York City. She gets a job as a co-assistant to a powerful and demanding fashion magazine editor Miranda Priestly, played by Meryl Streep. Miranda treats everyone below him with the same kind of bad behavior, intimidation, belligerence, arrogance, neglect, secrecy or sarcasm. Andy knows this position is over a thousand girls’ dream job. She would like to meet all the commitments from the icy editor in order to stretch her abilities in fashion business. She keeps asking for why do I work here anyway? Leaving school and stepping into the real world could be difficult when facing a bad boss. However, it could be a trade off of salary, experience or the friends in your working place. In this story, Andy overcomes all the hurdles. She gets the network, experience and friends in fashion industry. She upgrades her dressing skills, communication skill and problem solving skills. Imagine you are the role of Andy Sachs, if you face the bad boss in your working area. Please consider the trade off values, if it is no worth, please leaves gracefully.

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