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Winning ( Chapter 17 ) Getting Promoted - Yao Ming, the captain of Huston Rockets

Everyone wants to be promoted in their field. However there are no real shortcuts. Some smart persons can be promoted within a short period. The others would think those persons are lucky. To be honest, luck is only a very tiny factor in the process of getting promoted. A series of key factors you need to add in your duty in order to move to a higher position. Jack Welch indicates the key factors within 2 sentences.
     1)      Do deliver sensational performance, far beyond expectations, and at every opportunity expand your job beyond its official boundaries.
     2)      Don’t make your boss use political capital in order to champion you.

      If you wish to be promoted, you should delivery sensational performance to your field, try to expand your job’s horizons to reach the unexpected activities. Those improvements include results, unit’s result and the company’s overall performance. Get on the radar screen which means you should prepare a mind map / blue print of the forecast for the company's initiatives. Moreover, you should care the subordinates with the same carefulness with your boss. Spread your positive attitude around your working field and amassing mentors as much as you can. As there is no one right mentor, there are many right mentors. Finally, you never concerns setbacks. In the crises management chapter, I indicate that the low level staffs are waiting for senior level managers’ solution to solve problem. You should restore yourself with full energy in a very short period whenever you receive failure. Carry out the possible decisions and manage your whole team with ambition is the senior level mangers’ behavior.

     Yao Ming is a professional basketball player in Houston Rockets of NBA. He is one of China’s best known althletes with sponsorships with several major companies.  He was born in Shanghai and was selected by Houston Rockets as the first overall pick in the 2002 NBA Draft.

      Yao joined the team of Shanghai Sharks junior team when he was 13 years old. In 2002, he decided to enter the 2002 NBA Draft. Huston Rockets selected Yao with the first pick of the draft and he became the first international player ever to be selected first overall without having previously played US college basketball.

      It seems to be Yao is lucky to be NBA player in Huston Rockets as a Chinese. If you review his early life, he was trained 10 hours per day in Shanghai Sharks junior team. Once he entered the US national NBA basketball pitch, he would code with a different culture, language and lifestyle with his teammates, coach and managers. He would face the racism joke from other teams. He got a positive attitude and spread it around from US NBA to worldwide. Never the less, he signed up the commercial with PEPSI, Coke-Cola, Reebok, Visa, Apple and Mc Donald’s. His team images became the icon on the bottles to promote himself, basketball and sport. He also commicates with his fans in offical web site, twitter, facebook and TV show etc. He passes his Chinese NBA player image to the entire world.

      In 2009, his documentary film was released, “ The year of the Yao” showing the childhood, teenage and career in Huston Rockets of Yao Ming. This can provide an alternative channel to understand his life and history. The audience can find out the growing path of Yao from a junior basketball player to one of China’s most recognizable athletes. His outstanding performance in China, US NBA and Olympic Games 2008, he has led Forbes Chinese celebrities list in income and popularity for six straight years and MVP of 2001, 2003 and 2005 FIBA World Championship etc.

     In between 2005-2010, Yao was suffered with a broken bone in his left foot. He quited several games in the season which caused the lost of the team. In order to gain a long term resoration of his physical health, he did not play any games in 2009-2010. Besides, he didn’t concern setbacks in his injury. He participated in many charity events such as NBA’s Basketball Without Borders program. He also hosted a telethon, carried out a charity auction, charity basketball match etc.

     The western citzen reconzies Chinese as a Kufu icon. Back to 70s, 80s and 90s, several martial arts film stars from Hong Kong are very outstanding. They are Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Starting from 2002, Yao Ming becomes a global hero in NBA basketball match. It is a sudden change from martial arts legend to MPV legend in western culture.

     Jack Welch recommend to the readers that there is no shortcuts for the path of being promoted. Yao Ming is the good example of being promoted from a junior basketball player to a global hero. He plays the match and trains with his team in a congenial condition. He shares his love to the audience, fans, family and teammates. He never gives up when he was badly injuried. He can expand his image through different channels and carrys out several charity events. If you want to be promoted, please consider your performance which can brings out good results across your team, company, your conuntry and the whole world.


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