Saturday, December 31, 2011

The 7 habits of highly effective people habit 2 (Begin with the End in Mind) – George Lucas

In this chapter, the author indicates that the second effective people habit is a clear mission statement. A clear mission statement can be presented as the education, friends, family, career etc. This habit is based on principles of personal leadership. Imagine a leader of boy scouts. This person should fully understand the final destination. The leader should have the ability of linking up the starting point to the final destination. All the steps can be developed and workable. This kind of people will always make sure they are in the right position and direction. They can continue to receive victories. Usually, people are failing of their mission without a clear mission statement. 

The author emphasizes the difference of leadership and management. Leadership deals with the top line: What are things I want to accomplish? Leadership is doing the right things. Management is doing things right. Leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall. Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success. 
George Lucas is an American film producer, screen writer, director and entrepreneur. The well known movie series is Star Wars. He is the founder of Lucas Film Limited and Lucas Arts Entertainment Company. When he found out that his talent was making movies. He rejected his father’s stationery business and studied art and filming production in the college. 

In his documentary of the Mythology of Star Wars, he points out that the young people should find a job which can follow your talent. He encourage young people to find a job which you love the process rather that the salary. Young people love to imagine, think positive and live with passion. When he was young, he had lots of rough ideas about space and living creatures. He collected all the rough ideas and tried to conduct himself to become an editor and cameraman. All his great movies in the beginning are coming from imagination. He lectures the young people should find a way to conduct themselves to a successful path. Try to do something to make contribution to the society. 
Anakin Skywalker is the character of Star Wars saga. George Lucas creates this character as the Jedi and finally he turns himself to a sith. In the first episode The Phantom Menace. Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn meets him when Anakin is a nine years old boy. Qui-Gon thinks this boy is the “Chosen One” whom can bring balance to the Force. Then he is named as Darth Vader and fights against his son Luke Skywalker. In the final battle, he sacrifices himself to save his son and kills the Sith Lord. In the beginning of the Star Wars, George Lucas designs this character as the “Chosen One”. Even he turns himself to the dark side, he is still the “Chosen One” whom can bring balance of the Force. The first 3 episodes are showing how a victim becomes an evil guy. Star Wars Episode 1 is showing in 1999. The final chapter of episode 3 The Revenge of the Sith is showing in 2005. The first 3 episodes can link up with the other 3 episodes.  

In this Chapter, the author introduces the second habit for most effective people. You should begin with the end in mind to develop a personal mission statement. This mission statement which can focus on what you want to be and to do and on the values upon which begin and doing are based. 

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