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Winning ( Chapter 7) People Management - Google management

In this chapter, Jack Welch lists up 6 rules for the company to manage people well.
1)      Elevate HR to a position of power and primacy in the organization.
2)      Use a rigorous, nonbureaucratic evaluation system.
3)      Create effective mechanisms – read: money, recognition, and training.
4)      Face straight into charged relationships with unions, stars, sliders and disrupters.
5)      Fight gravity, and instead of taking the middle 70% for granted.
6)      Design the org chart to be as flat as possible, with blindingly clear reporting relationships and responsibilities.
Google is known for having an informal corporate culture. On Fortune magazine’s list of best companies to work for, Google ranked first in 2007 and 2008. Today, this company employs 10,000 people around the world, receiving a C.V every 25 seconds.
Jack Welch introduces HR is on track, pastor-parents. Since they can help managers build leaders and careers. Laszlo Bock serves as Vice President, People Operations of Google Inc. He used to be an Engagement Manager at McKinsey and Company, serving clients in the technology. His client work also extended to broader business growth, a compensation consultant as Hewitt Associates. Laszlo Bock has the skill to settle the crisis, channel anger, forging compromises.

If you go to visit the Google management in this link:
You will find out a clear organization chart of this company. All the persons in each level have their own responsibility and relationships. Every employee in Google understands whom they reported to, who reported to them. A good organization chart can reduce the confusion for every piece of information travels through the layers.

The Googleplex is the corporate headquarters complex of Google. It is an employee-friendly enviroment to work.  This building contains swimming pool, free food in eleven catdterias. Free fruit drink dispensers are everywhere for employees and guests alike, no coins or credit cards required. The Googlers wear jeans, t-shirts, sweaters and even show up in pyjama bottoms.
To work off the pounds, and the stress, Google has its own state-of-the-art gym right on campus offering weight-training and a host of exercise machines, rowing machines, lockers and shower rooms.

For workers spending long hours in front of computers, or to just work out the kinks, there are massage rooms with professional. The employees can play pool, video games, ping pong, football, pinball machines in the middle of the day.
The top management structure of Google, Larry and Sergey account for the success of the 20 percent projects. The employees are able to utilize 20 percent of their time to pursue projects which interest them. Google provides a new way to cultivate ideas internally and utilize the power of creativity. Many new features have been started as employee projects. New ideas came out such as Google News, Froogle, Google Reader etc.

According to 2008 of the astonishing revenue, each employee from Google is $210,000 per year. In fact, the salary range of from Google is higher than other I.T company.

Jack Welch indicates that the managers should really know how the employees are doing, provide great reward, motivate and retain wisely with money, recognition and training. Once you have hired great people, your job becomes managing them into a winning team.

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