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Winning (Chapter 6) Hiring - Cathay Pacific Airways career program

In this chapter, Jack Welch indicates that hiring is to get the right players on the field. He develops several techniques to test the correct candidate. First, a short look at three acid tests which are integrity, intelligence, and maturity. Next, he will consider the 4-E and 1 P frame. They are positive energy, ability to energize others and edge which the courage to make tough decision. The final E is execution which is the ability to get the job done. The P can be expressed as passion. In the case for hiring senior leader, he will consider four more characteristics; they are authenticity, the ability to see around corners, a strong penchant to surround themselves with people better and smarter than they are. The final characteristic is heavy duty resilience.

In this chapter, I select the Cathay Pacific Airways career program. This airline company is the flag carrier of Hong Kong, with its head office and main hub located at Hong Kong International Airport. The major career program consists of fight attendant, cadet pilot and management trainee program. In addition, there is a unique education program “I Can Fly”.

This program aims to nurture an enthusiasm for aviation and the spirit of social service among local young people. Each year, Cathy Pacific will select 100 with the age range of 15-18 teenagers to join a 3 days training camp. I am sure that the 100 teenagers should meet the level of the first 3 acid tests. These 3 acid tests can find out persons with a regular personal behavior. In fact, those candidates are not the staffs in this company. Details of this I Can Fly program will be shown in this URL

Providing Service Straight from the Heart is the principal of the fight attendant in Cathay Pacific. They are the trained safety officer, a caring team player and an ambassador for Hong Kong. Each year, only around 20-30 persons will be selected from 4000 applications. In the process of the selection of flight attendant, 4E and 1 P frame will be used in this case. This frame is more likely testing the ability of team work.

The two top levels recruitment for Cathy Pacific in each year are the cadet pilot and management trainee program. Each year, only around 10 junior pilots and 10 management trainees will be selected from the pool of around 3000 applications in each group. Each selected candidates should have the additional 4 characteristics. They need to have an instinct of leader with self confidence, has a vision and the ability to predict future, would like to approach the smarter people and keep moving forward away from failure.
Details of the fight attendants, cadet pilot and management trainee will be shown in this URL

If you would like to fully understand the working situation in the airline industry, I suggest you should watch the TVB drama of “Triumph in the Skies”, starring with Francis Ng, Flora Chan and Joe Ma. The procedure of hiring cadet pilot, training and fight attendants’ duties are showing on each episode. For anyone who wish to join the airline industry. Please review this drama and this chapter. I wish you luck.

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Cathay Pacific - I Can Fly

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