Monday, May 2, 2011

Blue Ocean Strategy ( Chapter 5 ) Reach Beyond Existing Demand – 3D Sex Zen

In this chapter, Professor W. Chan Kim introduces the way to maximize the size of the blue ocean. In order to achieve this result, you need to focus on the existing customer. Besides, you need to drive for finer segmentation to accommodate buyer differences. The managers should lead to finer segmentation and greater tailoring of offerings to better meet customer preferences. Those customers are non customers segment and they can create huge demand and sales volume to the business. Professor W. Chan Kim indicates the managers should study the buyers’ behavior. File up those non customers into 3 different types. Aggregate new demand and unlock those 3 type non customers.

Recently, Hong Kong cinemas are showing the first 3D erotic costume dram film, 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy. This is the first IMAX 3D erotic film in the world and it is showing in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand on 14 April 2011. This movie is produced by Stephen Shiu from One Dollar Production. He added 2 popular Japanese AV idols Saori Hara and Yukiko Suo. Besides, a Hong Kong actress Vonnie Lui is showing in nude during this movie. This movie is banned in China. Therefore, Stephen Shiu organized a group purchasing online buying method in China. Stephen Shiu offers a package with movie ticket, hotel room service and train ticket for the free traveling visitors in China. Mouse pat and tee shirt is selling as gift items in flower market in Chinese New Year period as a kind of promotion scheme.

The first tier of non customers

This kind of non customer is the closest to your market space. They cannot purchase the items or service in their local area and searching for a way to purchase or find something better. For instance, the local citizen in China would like to see this 3D erotic movie. However, this movie is banned in Hong Kong. They wouldn’t like to watch this movie in VCD, DVD or download version. As they prefer to watch this movie in IMAX 3D version with 3D glasses. During the Chinese New Year period, the gift items of this movie were selling in flower market in Hong Kong. Thus the first tier non customers who traveled to Hong Kong and got the message of this 3D movie promotion message in February. Stephen Shiu organizes a group purchase online for those buyers. They can purchase online and travel to Hong Kong to watch this movie in holiday. Usually, the managers should think a solution to close the gap to gain the first tier.
The second tier of non customers

The second tier of non customers refuses to use the products or service from your industry. They can be either dislike your offerings or they cannot afford to purchase. For example, some mothers and girls in free traveling group are not interesting in watching this movie. However, they purchase the package of the service from travel agent which includes this movie entrance. They wouldn’t like to waste this opportunity or separate the whole group visitors. Then they would like to enjoy this movie rather than finding an outdoor activity for 128 minutes. Usually, the managers should sell it as a package or free gift in order to gain the second tier.

The third tier of non customers

The third tier of non customers in the farthest away from an industry’s exiting customers. They are from the non explored market space. Those non customers don’t know your products or services. Stephen Shiu carried promotions for this movie from last 2 years. He travels world wide and find the investors for this movie. He visited several cinemas in Asia Pacific, Europe and USA to pursue the investors to show in theater in the local areas. Some promotions were carried out when this movie was not filmed yet. In order to reach those market space. This movie will be added with different languages and subtitle. Usually, the managers should carry out tailor made production to reach the third tier. 

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