Saturday, November 20, 2010

Winning (Chapter 11) Strategy - facebook email from Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg

So many enterprises would like to develop the latest strategy for their portfolio, investment etc. In this chapter, I will discuss how to implement the strategy in process. Three main initial steps are the key principles which are:

1)      Come up with a big aha for your business, a smart, realistic, relatively fast way to gain sustainable competitive advantages.
2)      Put the right people in the right jobs to drive the big aha forward.
3)      Relentlessly seek out the best practices to achieve your big aha, whether inside or out, adapt them, and continually improve them.

According to the first chapter of Art of War, it is the chapter of laying plans which is similar to this chapter. Today, I pick up the Facebook  email account and I will introduce 2 persons in this chapter, the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and the COO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg. Mark Zuckerberg is an American entrepreneur who co-founded the social network Facebook. Sheryl Sandberg is the COO of Facebook, she used to be vice president of global online sales and operations at Google. She used to be in Google for 6 years until 2008.

On 15/11/10, Facebook introduces a modern messaging system. The new service incorporates chat, SMS and email functions to allow people to share however they want to share according to Facebook. The new firm is named as Titan and its message tool is broadcasted as Gmail killer. Mark claims that it is a convergent modern messaging system. The users can handle messages seamlessly across all the ways to communicate within a single inbox. This messaging service blends online chat, text messages and other real-time conversation tools with traditional email ( Microsoft’s Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Gmail ). Facebook is applying its social networking strategy to prioritize messages from friends and family. The Facebook users won’t need to check all their email accounts. They can simply check 1 Facebook account and broadcast the message within an inbox click. This action can be incorporate more instant message on email messages and instant test messages on mobile platform. Thus it is more personalized and customized message service against the traditional email platform. With such a large user base, 500 millions Facebook users, the free personal email account is a threaten signal towards Microsoft, Yahoo and Google.

The internet war depends on the user’s spending time. Google currently owns this honor but Facebook has proven that its addictive service can hold people’s attention for long period of them. Currently, Gmail is Google’s greatest social asset and it is the main hub of communication and social activity in Google universe. Mark finds out the competitive advantage against Google which is the Facebook fans page. People would like to share the instant message among their friends whom they know. Sheryl Sandberg introduces that email is a very slow message tool. Fans pages can be a powerful tool to find the friends whom they know and whom they don’t know in terms of internet adverting and marketing. Obviously, it is extremely valuable.

Jack Welch simplifies the strategy is to find out the right aha and set the direction, put the right people in place and work crazy to execute better than every one else, finding best practices and improving them everyday. To be honest, Mark Zuckerberg finds out instant conversation and social network will obsolete the traditional email service and marketing advertising. All instant conversation can apply in mobile platform. As web 3.0 is approaching, Mark seeks this demand in the future. He hires a very great person Sheryl Sandberg as the COO of Facebook to operate this strategy. Mark is concentrating on the program for web 3.0 everyday. He is a very good model for this chapter.

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