Thursday, September 23, 2010

Winning ( Chapter 4 ) Voice and Dignity - Barack Obama, the president of the United States

In Chapter 4, Jack Welch brings up the hinge for every principle for the first 3 Chapters, mission and values, candor and differentiation. He points out that voice and dignity are the inherence of elements which everyone deserves them. People want the opportunity to speak their minds and have their ideas, feelings and to be respected for their work, effort and individuality. Jack Welch established Work-Out process at GE sites around the world. Groups of thirty to a hundred employees would come together. The aim was to eliminate some of the bureaucracy and roadblocks that were hindering them. In fact, he believed that Work-Out was responsible for one of the most profound changes in GE during his time there.

Barack Obama, previously served as a United States Senator. He is now the 44th president of United States. Inspiring the changes in United States, stop the war, cut tax, and take additional assignments with Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, Homeland Security, Governmental Affairs etc. He proposed an expansion of health insurance coverage to covr the uninsured, to cap premium increases, and to allow people to retain their coverage when they leave or change jobs. His proposal was to spend $900 billion over 10 years and include a government insurance plan. The plan also includes medical spending cuts and taxes on insurance companies that offer expensive plans.

When he was a senator, he moved to Chicago. He became the chairman of the Illionis Senate’s Health and Human Serivces Committee in January 2003. He devoted in the ethnic minority, poor educated group and grass root level. He is also a Christian, who likes to spread the love and honest among his families, relatives, society and to the United States of American. He fullfills the Jack Welch’s Work-Out process. As on his duty of the president of the United States, Obama proceeds his change therory which is based on listen and respect to his citzen in US and he wishes to this changes could be followed in the future. 

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